Surface Protection Film:

Saanvi Polyplast as india's leading converter of PE (Polyethylene) based surface protection film/masking film.Our surface protection film is used to protect various substrates from scratches, dust, abrasion etc. during transportation or storage. We convert both glue based and non glue based protective films.

Major Application of Surface Protection film are,
  •    1) Plastic sheets and molded parts ( ABS,PMMA,HIPS,PC,FRP,PET,PETG)
  •    2) Metal Sheets ( color coated steel sheet, Aluminium sheets)
  •    3) Aluminium Profiles
  •    4) Decorative Laminates
  •    5) White goods ( refrigerators, washing machines, water purifiers)
  •    6) Automobiles
  •    7) Flooring (Tiles, Marbles and granites)
  •    8) Aluminium Composite Panels
  •    9) Carpets
  •    10) Glass

  •      ♦   Protects surface from scratches, dust, abrasion and maintain aesthetic value of the product.
  •      ♦   Easy to peel off.
  •      ♦   No residue of glue on the surface once the film is peeled off.
  •      ♦   Economical and Easy to use.
  •      ♦   Provides outdoor weather resistance.
  •      ♦   Uniform and stable adhesion throughout the life cycle of the product.