Aluminium Composite Panel:

We offers a wide range of innovative solutions for protection of Aluminium Composite Panel with an extensive range of adhesion level, film thickness and color.

Film : Multilayer Polyethylene film coated with pressure sensitive adhesive.
Application : Aluminum Composite Panel
Color : Black and White, Special specifications are available on request.
Printability : We can personalize your product by printing your logo, trademark or technical instructions.
Thickness : 50 Micron to 100 Micron
Length : As per client requirement
Width : Maximum 2100 mm width.

  •      ♦   Protects surface from scratches, dust, abrasion and maintain aesthetic value of the product.
  •      ♦   Easy to peel off.
  •      ♦   No residue of glue on the surface once the film is peeled off.
  •      ♦   Economical and Easy to use.
  •      ♦   Provides outdoor weather resistance.
  •      ♦   Uniform and stable adhesion throughout the life cycle of the product.